America’s Immigrant Investor Program Vs Singapore’s

As you may already know, each country has different factors, requirements, and processes that have to be completed in order to get an Immigrant Investor Visa. Because each country’s process is so different, it’s important that you are well aware of how a specific country’s Eb-5 Visa Program works before you submit an application. This way you are able to have your request processed on-time, and without any careless mistakes. Before you know it you’ll have your Green Card Visa, and you’ll be on your way to working and operating a business in a new country.

Coming to the U.S.

The U.S. is well known as the melting pot of the world as more and more people from a variety of cultures come to the country to live a better life with more opportunities than their homeland. In order to own a business in the U.S., a business owner will need to have an immigrant investor visa. Getting one of these visas requires the investor to have invested or be active in investing in enterprise, proof of a substantial investment, be in good health, not have a criminal record, and in addition to other requirements.

Many business owners take full benefit of being awarded an EB5 Visa. With this type of visa, the investor is able to seek permanent residence, live wherever he/she wants in the U.S., and act as a sponsor for a family member seeking a green card.

Own a business in Singapore

Like a lot of other countries, Singapore has become a great home for entrepreneurs. Nowadays, Singapore is the perfect place to own a business that has plenty of potential for huge success. Any business owner looking to work in Singapore will need to go through the Global Investors Programme that was specifically created to allow entrepreneurs and investors easy access into the country. The program has proven to be extremely successful as thousands of investors have moved to the country.

With this program business CEOS, investors, and entrepreneurs are given several different options that allow them to operate a business within Singapore. For example, some investors may choose permanent residence. This option requires that an investor be able to invest, at the least, $1 million in a new business or a business expansion. This option also offers other requirements, depending on the amount of money invested.

Some entrepreneurs may opt for the Multiple Journey visa which is best fitted for those who have to make frequent visits in and out of Singapore. With this visa, a business investor can come to the country for 30 days for 1, 2, or 5 years. This process requires an application known as the Letter of Introduction that eliminates the need to submit a new visa form for each visit.

If you’re looking to visit Singapore, take note of the various visa options that are available to you as an investor if you are looking to own a business or expand one in the country.

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