Claiming For an Accident at a Supermarket

If you suffered an accident in the supermarket through no fault of your own you may be entitled to claim for compensation. You may have slipped on juice in Tesco or Asda. Whichever way it happened, as the accident was not your fault you have a right to make a claim.

Supermarkets such as Asda Accident Claims and Tesco owe their customers a duty of care as soon as they enter their premises. Customers should be able to shop easily without fearing some sort of accident. This duty of care can also extend to the supermarket car park. Supermarkets are responsible for ensuring the safety of all of their customers, and nothing less.

Work related injuries in supermarkets

It’s not just customers that are at risk from obtaining injury. Workers in supermarkets are surrounded by potential health hazards everyday. Many are involved in a wide range of jobs which include cleaning, working on the checkouts, and shelf stacking. Some jobs involve more risky work than others, particularly if they are dealing with heavy items.

Many people assume that working in building sites and other industrial areas can be dangerous. However, working as a check out assistant has its own health risks. Check out assistants can suffer from repetitive train injuries in their wrists, shoulders and elbows. There is also a further risk in suffering from neck and back injuries, if their working area is not set up appropriately. Shelf stackers can face risks from lifting heavy objects or slipping on spills.

As an employee you may wish to seek action against your employer if you suffered an accident. It is strongly recommended that you seek legal advice before doing so, as you will be better informed about your chances of gaining compensation.

Things you should do as a customer if you are involved in an accident

If you happen to fall or trip over an obstacle in the supermarket that should not have been there, and you sustain injuries as a result, there are some things you should do in order to help your claim later if you decide to make one.

One of your first steps should be to report the incident to the manager of the store or to another senior member of staff. The importance lies in the fact that the accident should be reported and recorded. This will either be done on an accident report form. If you are not given this form to fill in, you should ensure that it is recorded in the accident book.

You should make note of the contact details of any witnesses around at the time of the accident. You should also use a camera if you can to take photos of the scene of the accident, paying particular attention to important details. A camera on your phone should also be sufficient to do the job. By gathering all of this evidence, you are making your case stronger.

If you have been victim to an accident and are wandering what to do next, our solicitors are experienced in this area and will best be able to advise you.


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