5 Mistakes That Can Hurt Your Auto Accident Case

If you have been involved in an auto accident, it is extremely important to understand that your actions in the days, weeks and months after the accident can make a dramatic impact on your auto accident lawsuit. It is critical that you remember your day-to-day activities will be examined by insurance companies and defense attorney’s looking for evidence that your injuries were not severe. If you have unfortunately been in an automobile wreck, we list the 8 mistakes that could hurt your auto accident case.

Going Social. Social networks are a great way to communicate with your family and friends. It is not the proper area to discuss your recent auto accident. Defense attorneys and insurance companies will first monitor your social media activity, looProking for evidence, from you, that could potentially harm your case. Avoid posting any new activity to your social network profiles, even if it is “private”.

Signing Your Name. Avoid signing any papers after your auto accident until you have consulted with your auto accident attorney. What may seem like innocent paperwork to you could potentially be very detrimental to your case. Never sign anything until your attorney reads over the documents first.

Not Communicating. Speak to your attorney – regularly. If there have been any changes to your health condition, it is important you speak to your attorney so that they can document your progress. If you ever have a question about the legal process or “what to do next”, don’t rely on your friends and family for advice. Get professional advice from your attorney so that you avoid any costly mistakes.

Don’t Discuss Your Case. Much like our point with not posting anything to your social networks, it is important to not discuss your case with anyone. Insurance companies and defense attorneys may try to contact you via the phone to discuss your case. As innocent as the approach may be, it could dramatically affect your case. If an adjuster or attorney (not yours) wants to talk about your case, have them contact your auto accident attorney.

Missing an Appointment. You should always make appointments you have set with not only your attorney, but with your doctor. Missing these appointments may be a sign that you are either not taking the case seriously, or your injuries aren’t as bad as you have stated. Follow the advice of your doctors and remember that your injuries, although maybe not significant today, could be the result of years of aches and pains for you in the future.

The absolute best thing you can do after you have been in a car accident is to speak to a reputable and experienced attorney. Don’t leave anything to chance by handling your cause by yourself or putting your trust in the hands of a law firm with little to no experience.

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