How Do You Reduce a Speeding Ticket Fine

With some effort, you can reduce or even beat a speeding ticket fine but you have to be ready.

Here are a couple of things you can do.

Gather the facts.– Usually, a cop issuing a citation for speeding writes down details of the traffic violation on a notepad or at the back of his copy of the ticket. He does this to help him remember what he may need to say in court. But remember that you have a right to have a copy of these notes he or she just made. Make sure to request a copy before you go to court and use it to look for a way to contest the charge.

Find any discrepancy such as the cop noting the weather as fair when it was raining or your car being listed as red when it is actually brown. This would be easy as you could request a weather report as evidence and or the title of your vehicle showing the correct color. Remember, any discrepancies will help you get the charge dropped or least reduced.

To request for a copy of the officer’s notes and his copy of the ticket (both front and back), send a formal request letter to the issuing officer through the mail with receipt confirmation. If he replies, then you will have an idea of what the cop will say in court. If he does not, bring the mail receipt with signature when you appear in court and request for a dismissal of the speeding ticket because of the police officer’s refusal to respond to your delivery request.

Prove that speeding was called for.– Speed limits are set up for the protection of road users. If you can prove that your speeding did not pose any danger to anybody, or that it was absolutely necessary during that time, you may be able to have the case dismissed. You can get a video tape of the area where you were pulled over on the same day to show that everyone else was driving over the limit and slowing down might even be dangerous. Or if you are driving along a school zone late on a Sunday evening and you were a little over the speed limit, you can say that since there obviously are no school children around that time, slowing down was not necessary; and you were in a hurry to get home to attend to a family emergency.

These are only a couple things you can do to beat or reduce a speeding ticket fine. The key is in knowing the facts and finding ways on how to go about it legally.

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