The USA Green Card Lottery

Dreaming of working or living in America! Well this is what most of us aspire for. The government of America has brought in such a system so that people around the world are able to try for the same. It would not harm a person to try his/her luck as lottery is purely a matter of chance.

The American Green Card lottery is conducted annually and makes available 55,000 green cards to the individuals from worldwide. This is open to individuals who meets the two basic requirements. This green card lottery program not only authorizes people who win in the lottery to work and live in the US but also allows the family as well. The key factors in participating in the lottery are luck and the strategy of charge-ability: adhesion to the rules and regulations adds to the winning of the lottery.

Tips to complete the green card lottery application:

The American Green card lottery is a matter of hope for all the people who wish to achieve the dream of living in the United States. It is fore most important to adhere to the rules and the regulations of the lottery program, though they seem to be very simple. The following are a few tips one should follow while participating in the lottery program.

The lottery program is conducted online, it is always advisable to select the website which you can trust. In other words the website which can guide you well and give an updated information on the lottery related issues

Make sure to meet the basic requirements to participate in the lottery which is being a native of a qualifying country and meet the educational and work requirements.

The application should be error-free, meaning to say the application should be filled completely without making mistakes.A small mistake will violate the rules and will lead to disqualification of your application.

Having complete knowledge of information that you have to provide in the application will prove helpful and saves the time and effort.

Always its better to make sure that you update yourself with the press releases and the recent information about the lottery which will be released in that particular year, which can be well known in the various websites that deal with information related to green card.

Always try to submit the application in the right time so as to avoid any kind of rejection of the application.

Utmost care should be taken when uploading of the photos is concerned. As photo plays a vital role in the application process, it is very essential that the photo meets the specifications required by the government.

It is always better to apply for green card lottery during the first month of the registration process as earlier preparation will help a lot.

Establishing one’s permanent residence in the US is perhaps a dream for most of the individuals. Hence the lottery is advisable for most of the people as it helps one to get into the right path of permanent residency with not much of a hassle.

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